cookie graffiti

I kind of like things that are familiar. I have, umm, let's just say, A LOT of shirts in my closet and I probably wear 7 of them. (Can you guess how often I do laundry?)

When I go to one of those fancy juice and weird grass blender places I order the same thing. I'm scared that if I order one of the other delicious sounding drinks that it won't be delicious.

In college, I ate tortillas every day for nearly 2 months. And day...I just stopped eating them. And I started eating cottage cheese and rice instead. (I just said I was a college student. These food choices should not be surprising to anyone. They required zero cooking and minimal refrigerator space and could easily be labeled with my own name to keep otherwise "innocent" roommates from eating them.)

I usually don't even realize when I've moved on to a new phase until its been weeks or months and someone asks me what I eat and I realize we've eaten the same thing for dinner 3 nights out of the week. For weeks. My poor family. (On yet another side note -- people are ALWAYS asking me what my family eats. Is this normal?)

Cookie designs seem to share the same fate. I'm sure you can tell. I had a little stint with the chicky cookies. I just couldn't focus on anything else. My palms would get all sweaty when I tried to tell myself to move on...okay, not really. But they thought about getting sweaty. Maybe. 

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that I feel a change in the wind. 

P.S. How weird are these cookies? They are like cookie graffiti. I definitely made these late at night.

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