Super Hero Cake

I have made a few cakes in my day. (Most of them while I was still in my twenties.) I've made cakes with fondant and with no fondant whatsoever and some covered in peanut butter and chocolate. I've made gluten free cakes, and ice cream cakes and cakes that taste like tres leches. I made a cake for a Halloween wedding and a cake that looked so much like a real boot that it grossed me out. But, do you want to know which cakes are my favorite to make?

Cakes for four year olds. 

Because they are just figuring out this whole "birthday" thing and everything really excites them...and most of all...because they are crazy specific about what they want in the most adorable way possible. My own little 4 year old wanted a dinosaur holding a pencil for his cake. He later changed his mind to a fish thinking his name. Today I got to make a buttercream superhero cake with dolphins.

Here is the obvious superhero part of the cake. At least, I hope it's obvious. Tell you what -- let's just pretend like it's obvious and call it a day.

And in the back -- sneaky super hero dolphins. Just for the little man whose favorite animals are "dol-pins" and whose name may or may not start with a "J."

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