bunny head things

Remember how I advised you against trying to make a bunny head with an egg cutter? I can't stop thinking about those bunnies. Because they were almost what I wanted. But not quite. I decided to try them again using an actual bunny head cutter. No sense trying to re-invent the wheel. Or, at least, that's what someone old once told me. And if they're old, you better listen. At least occasionally. You know, when it works out for you.

These certainly have less of a "pushed out a suction tube" look to them than my previous bunnies, but they are missing bowties. Okay, I can see that I am just going to have to show you the picture of my "other" bunnies. Just promise me you won't look too long at them, okay? (And no clicking on the picture so it gets really big while you catalog all the flaws.)

I love the bowties on these cuties. I just don't like how the ears look all weirdy. HEY! Stop staring. Seriously, you promised. I think that I either need to add a bowtie shaped chunk of cookie to the top bunnies, or maybe bring the pink part of the ear much lower on these ones. Unfortunately, after two tries, these are further down on my "interesting things I could do with a cookie" list. I don't know that there is going to be a sequel here. But if any of YOU try it...let me know. I will be anxiously waiting for a resolution. (As long as we can define "anxiously" as browsing through beautiful cookies on flickr while eating left over chocolate fudge frosting straight from the bowl.)

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