real eggs this time

Wow. I know its been a cookie eternity since I've posted. But I do have an explanation for myself. See, when my friends and family call me up, this is how the conversation goes--

THEM: So, what have you been up to lately?
ME: You know, making cookies.
THEM: Uh, huh...trailing off...losing all interest in further conversation with me...

I'm tired of the rejection, so I had to hold off on cookies and do something interesting this weekend so that I can still have friends. I ran 7 miles. I figure that will buy me at least 3-5 days. Now I have to quick make some cookies before my interestingness wears off.

And I do mean quick. Given that I already had some egg shaped cookies baked, these took less than 10 minutes! And maybe I shouldn't tell you that because now you are going to look at all my mistakes and say, "Yeah...maybe you should have taken your time on those little treasures."

But let me tell you something -- You are probably right.

In case you are wondering...stencils. They are your friends. They are certainly my friends. And not the kind of friends where you have to run 7 miles so they will still talk to you.

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