How to Make Decorated Christmas Ornament Sugar Cookies

 Learn how to make some festive Christmas ornament decorated sugar cookies with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!! 

Christmas ornament sugar cookies tutorial

You guys. 

I legit just looked at a box of cake mix and thought -- "Yeah. I could eat that."

And I meant the mix. 

Not even the cake.

And if that doesn't sum up my December, I'm not sure what does. 


Oh gosh.

Who am I kidding?

That sums up pretty much every month of my entire life. 

Which...might explain how I somehow fell into this weird job where I make chocolate cookies every day of my life. 

Want to eat some cake mix with me? 

I mean... make some ornament cookies with me?

directions and tutorial for making chocolate sugar cookies that look like Christmas ornaments

How to make Christmas ornament decorated sugar cookies: 

Step 1. 

With a medium consistency green royal icing and a #3 tip (or toothpick size opening), pipe a curved segment in the middle of the ornament sugar cookie. (I actually traced/scratched the top curve of the cutter with a scribe tool to give me some guide lines before piping.) Let dry for 15 minutes.

Step 2. 

Outline and flood the top segment with a medium consistency red royal icing and a #3 tip. Outline and flood the bottom segment of the ornament cookie with a medium consistency white royal icing and a #3 tip. Let dry for 15 minutes. 

Step 3. 

With a medium consistency gray royal icing and a #2 size tip/opening, outline and fill the ornament cap area at the top of the cookie. Let the royal icing dry for another 15 minutes.

Step 4.

Pipe the ring on the top of the ornament with the same gray royal icing. Add vertical details lines to the ornament cap as well. 

Step 5. 

Pipe dots of white royal icing across the green strip in the center of the ornament cookie. I made the dot in the center the largest, and piped smaller dots toward the outside edges...but you can DEFINITELY boss your own cookie on this one and do what you want!

Step 6.

With a medium consistency red royal icing and a #1 size tip or opening, pipe a line between the green and white icing. Pipe another line below that with green royal icing and a #1 size piping tip or opening. Add a line above the green stripe with white royal icing and a #1 size tip or opening. 

See it all come together in this Christmas ornament cookie decorating video tutorial.

Chocolate decorated Christmas ornament sugar cookies


Grab the cutter here. 


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