How To Make Decorated Christmas Lump of Coal Sugar Cookies

Learn how to make some fancy Christmas coal decorated sugar cookies with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!! 

Christmas lump of coal decorated chocolate sugar cookies for stockings

Has anyone truly ever been "ready for Christmas?" 

I always have these well thought out strategies to purchase Christmas presents throughout the year...or at least start by Halloween...or to definitely get some things out of the way by Thanksgiving for sure...

I have alllll the intentions of REALLY cleaning my house in November. I think it would be great to help my children sort through their own belongings so we can discover that the only snow boots in the house are somehow 7 sizes too small for even our youngest child BEFORE we get two feet of snow. 

Sometimes I honestly convince myself that it's possible to "just enjoy December." 

And then I laugh to myself at my own best joke as I look around at the hundreds Christmas coloring pages scattered on every horizontal surface and wipe gingerbread house crumbs from a chair before sitting down to write a blog post about the easiest cookies ever...that I had to re-make twice because I kept getting distracted. 

And between the last minute teacher gifts, the overscheduled holiday parties, the onslaught of "traditions" that we just can't possibly compromise on, hours of snow shoveling, Christmas light tour route planning, endless hot cocoas, and late night Christmas cartoons, I realize I will NEVER "just enjoy December." 

But the truth is - It's not December I care about anyway. 

I'm grateful for little hands that eat all the candies off the back of my gingerbread house when they think I'm not looking. 

And I'm happy to have a table full of people I love even if I can't actually SEE that table underneath all the coloring pages that they love. 

I'm thankful that we have happy memories that become our traditions.

I'm super glad that I keep finding chocolate on my doorstep.

I'm grateful that completely apart from whatever reason people celebrate Christmas, and whatever it means to them... I'm grateful that I can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with the people that matter most to me in the whole world. 

I love that they love to sing all the Christmas songs...even if they are making up the words as they go, and NEVER, NEVER manage to sing the same note at the same time. 

I love Christmas lights and starry nights. 

And I love cookies that take minutes to make...even if I don't really understand why coal at Christmas is even a thing. But clearly... if we're going to have coal at's going to be fancy. 🤣🤣

How to make lump of coal Christmas decorated sugar cookies: 

how to use textured parchment to make royal icing decorated sugar cookies

I used a round cookie cutter to cut each lump of coal and then gently squeezed the sides a little to give it a natural look. Outline and fill each cookie with a medium consistency black or gray royal icing. Place textured parchment paper on top of the wet royal icing and let dry overnight. Remove the parchment when it releases easily. 

See it all come together in this Christmas coal cookie decorating video tutorial.


Get the patterned parchment here!!

Make some CANDY CANE cookies to go with these coal cookies!


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