Kids Craft -- Puppet Sugar Cookies

Let kids in on the cookie fun with this creative puppet cookie project just for them! 

kids cookie decorating craft -- sugar cookie puppets with children

You guys.

This was one of the best cookie projects I've done with my kids yet! Let me break it down for you --

Sketching puppet designs -- 1 hour
Choosing their favorite TWO designs -- 20 minutes
Sorting through cookie cutters to find shapes that were close to the sketches -- 1 hour

Washing hands to make cookie dough --5 minutes
Putting gloves on because I don't completely trust their hand washing skills -- 15 minutes

Making cookie dough -- 15 minutes
Rolling out dough -- 5 minutes
Cutting out puppet shapes -- 15 minutes
(I did the hand cutting for the shapes that didn't have similar enough cutters.)
Baking cookies -- 15 minutes

Decorating puppet cookies -- 3 1/2 hours

Endless puppet shows -- 4-6 hours. (We had lunch in the middle somewhere.)

Eating puppet cookies. -- 30 minutes.

All together -- it adds up to roughly -- A LOT OF TIME spent creating and playing and eating sugar. That's a pretty good project in my book.

sugar cookie puppet decorating tutorial

How to make decorated sugar cookie puppets: 

Step 1. 

Draw puppet shapes on paper. Or trace cutter shapes on paper and draw puppet designs inside the outline.

Step 2. 

Before baking, slide a paper straw (or candy stick) into the side of the cut-out cookie dough shape. Bake cookies according to recipe directions. (Grab some straws here.)

Step 2 1/2:

Sometimes the cookie will puff around the straw creating something that looks vaguely like a cookie butt. It's not ideal. Use the bottom of a pancake turner to flatten the top of the cookie as soon as you take the baking sheet out of the oven to make it all the same height.

Step 3:

Outline and flood the top of the cookies if desired. This step is not necessary if you are using a light colored cookie recipe. (Like this vanilla sugar cookie recipe.)

sugar cookie decorated puppets with kids and children

Step 4:

Use food color markers to color design on cookie.

kids cookie craft - decorated sugar cookie puppets

My kids liked having their sketches nearby while coloring their puppets.

kids cookie craft - sugar cookie puppets

It works great on white iced cookie as well as light colored cookies without any icing.

kids cookie craft -- sugar cookie puppets

I baked additional shapes and even my oldest child enjoyed creating cookie puppets!

kids cookie decorating craft -- sugar cookie puppets


Get the supplies: paper straws and food color markers (buy the cheapest ones for kids!)

Try using colored cookie dough to sculpt your decorated cookies!

Make Paint-Your-Own Cookies with your kids!!

Or check out my favorite way to decorate with my kids here!

kids cookie decorating craft -- sugar cookie puppets


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