Kids Craft -- Colored Cookie Dough Sugar Cookies

Let kids in on the cookie fun with this easy colorful dough sugar cookie project just for them!

Colorful decorated sugar cookies -- cookie decorating with children

So... as it turns out, like many of you out there - my children and I have found ourselves in the middle of an involuntary Corona-cation. No school. No church. All other social activities that have ever existed are cancelled.

I'm not sure if your kids are as talented as mine at running out of things to do...but two days in...they are absolutely certain that they've played every board game we own, that SOMEONE ELSE left those 17 pairs of socks under the couch, and that nachos are actually a vegetable. (And you know I'm not one to ruin someone else's dream so...we're gonna let the nacho question slide for now.)

My point is -- we are very nearly out of ways for them to co-exist peacefully that don't involve electronics or bribes. Two days in.

So I'm pulling out all the stops and mixing sugar and crafts...AND KIDS!!

Follow along with us as we create a new cookie project -- FOR KIDS!! -- every day this week! And maybe next week...probably not the one after that….but you know….we might get carried away.

Colorful balls of cookie dough and Easter cookie cutters

How to make kid friendly colored dough decorated sugar cookies:

Step 1.

Make a batch of vanilla sugar cookie dough.  (I recommend the Vanilla Variation. 😁 ) Divide it into small balls. Add a few drops of food coloring to each ball of cookie dough and knead until the dough is uniform in color. It's a good idea to use gloves for this so you don't stain your hands.

I used these color formulas for the dough in my pictures. 

Making an Easter bunny cookie with colored cookie dough.

Step 2. 

Let me just put this out there. I love my kids. And they suck at washing their hands. I still have them wash...and I still make them wear gloves. ( For reference,  the small size here fits my 8 year old perfectly...but also fits my 5 year old and 10 year old.)

Brightly colored and fun Easter cookies with no icing

Step 3. 

I find that my kids have a lot more fun with crafts if they have just a little bit of guidance. I gave them a pile of cutters and they used them as a jumping off point to start with...and then ventured down their own creative paths.

No-icing sugar cookies for Easter - make with the kids!

Step 4.

Most of these cookies were THICK. They were easily twice as thick as I normally roll my cookies. If that happens at your house, turn the oven temperature down 50°F and bake about 50%  longer than your recipe recommends.

Watch one of my Little LilaLoa's make a carrot cookie for Easter in this cookie decorating video tutorial!


Make Paint-Your-Own cookies with your kids!!

Or check out my FAVORITE way to decorate cookies with my kids here!!

Cookie dough - play dough - easy Easter craft for kids!

cookie dough - play dough! Easy Easter craft for kids!


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