How To Make Decorated Awareness Ribbon Sugar Cookies With A Heart Cutter

Learn how to make some Awareness Ribbon decorated sugar cookies with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!!  

Awareness ribbon decorated sugar cookies

I wasn't sure that these cookies needed their own tutorial. I made a projector image template for the ribbon and was going to just tuck that into some other post somewhere. But when I started writing yesterday's post....the projector image kind of turned into a 4 year old at the grocery store - in the way and not even remotely helping me get done what I needed to do.

So I pretty well convinced myself that no one would want the projector image anyway. (Unlike my 4 year old at the grocery store who I really really DO WANT.) (Just time I'll bring her a sandwich and a book and some toys and also maybe a coloring book if I'm going to the store for a lengthy list like toilet paper and milk again.)

But then someone asked me how I made these ribbons. And I started explaining it with words. On my phone. And there were so many letters and I had to touch them all because I don't trust auto-correct, and in the end even *I* was confused about how I made these ribbon cookies. And I was thinking, "If only there were some way that I could attach some images of the different steps and the projector template to make it easier to explain this..."

And then I realized.


And that is pretty much the ENTIRE point of having this blog.

So...go ahead and skip the tutorial if you've cleverly figured it out like the cookie decorating genius that you are.

But don't leave before you scroll down just a little bit and pin that awareness ribbon projector image on a heart shape for later!!

Step by step tutorial for making an awareness ribbon on a heart shape cookie

How to make Awareness Ribbon decorated sugar cookies:

Step 1. 

Outline and fill the entire cookie with a medium consistency white icing. Let dry for at least four hours.

Step 2. 

Outline the ribbon with a dark pink icing and a #2.5 tip. (You could also use a #3 tip...I just like the slightly smaller outline with the #2.5 tip.) You can freehand this outline or use my template below. Let dry for 15 minutes.

Step 3.

Fill in the center of the outlined ribbon areas with a medium consistency icing. You can totally use the same color as the outline. I weirdly really liked out it looked with a slightly lighter color in the center. But you do you.

With the medium consistency icing, you can add a little extra icing to give it a puffy look. Use a scribe tool or toothpick to drag the icing all the way to the corners of the outline.

Awareness ribbon on a heart shape
As promised, here is my super high-tech template for use with a KK, pico, or other projector! It fits PERFECTLY on the Sweet Sugarbelle heart cutter!

See it all in action here.

Breast Cancer Awareness decorated sugar cookies: boxing glove, ribbon, hearts


Get the cutters: Boxing Glove (Snowman), Awareness Ribbon Heart#hillyeah! Plaque, and Fighter Plaque. (I squished it. See how HERE.)


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