Fantastic Find: Dripcolor Double Ended Food Pens

Learn more about the Dripcolor Double Ended Food Pens to help you decide if it’s a PURCHASE or a PASS!  

Dripcolor Double Ended Food Pens and Valentine's Day sugar cookies

I am not a stranger to food color markers. You guys. This is a safe zone, right? I own probably over 100 food color markers. Ten or twelve different brands. Dozens of colors and shades. Thin ones, fat ones, dried out ones that really should just be thrown away. I've even MADE MY OWN food color markers. So when Jennifer of Bees Baked Art Supplies wanted to send me some of these Double Ended Food Pens from Dripcolor - I was ALL IN!!

I'm sure this will come as a big surprise...but the Dripcolor Double Ended Food Pens have tips on both ends of the marker. One side is a very fine tip and the other end is actually a brush tip that you can use like a marker or like a pre-filled paintbrush.

I'm going to get weird and use words that make me uncomfortable here. The first thing I noticed about these markers is that they are JUICY. When you move the brush end across a blank cookie canvas, the color practically oozes out on to the cookie. I loved how much color there was. And with the brush tip, you can control how much coverage you get. You can color large swatches of cookie or just little spots. The fine tip end is honestly one of the smallest food color tips I've ever used. (It's very comparable to the fine tip of the Rainbow Dust pens.)

Really the only down side to these food pens is that they don't come in more colors. There are two greens...both they are both solidly in the green to blue-green side of the spectrum. And I LOVE yellow green. And the purple is more indigo than plum. But you guys probably already know that I am REALLY picky about colors. (Because I have issues, okay? Gosh. Stop judging my color problems.)

Black food color markers on a white cookie

Are there other food color markers on the market? Absolutely!! Americolor food markers have a good saturated (read: juicy 🤣🤣) color. And Rainbow Dust has some double-sided pens with a very fine tip on one end. I grabbed a handful of black food color markers and drew some very crooked lines on an iced cookie. The bottom two markers have two lines for each of them - one with the fine tip and one with the broader tip. It's a little hard to tell in this photo, but the Wilton line (#1) has kind of a green tint to it and the Rainbow Dust lines ( #5) have kind of a brown tint to them.

Bottom Line:  - At $4 a marker, this is the best double-use food art marker I've found. It's saturated color and multi-use brush tip make it ideal for almost any project I can imagine. It's cheaper than the Rainbow Dust pens and has better saturation (but you do get more color choices from Rainbow Dust.)

I would NOT recommend this marker for casual projects or children's classes. These are a step above basic and are priced accordingly. And a 6 year old would smash that brush tip end in 3 seconds flat. And then your heart would break. Don't break your own heart. Keep these guys a secret.

Guess what?!

Jennifer from Bees Baked Art Supplies wants to give one of YOU an ENTIRE SET OF 12 DRIPCOLOR DOUBLE ENDED FOOD PENS!!!!!!

Just click that "Easy Entry" button below before midnight on February 15, 2019!

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Tell me -- Have you used Dripcolor Double Ended Pens? What do you think?


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