How to Make Decorated Jean Pocket Cookies

Denim Jean pocket cookie decorating tutorial

When I was in fourth grade, we learned fractions with the help of the future. And by that I mean - Laser Discs. They were a precursor to DVDs...but were the size of a record. FOR THE LOVE DO NOT ask me what a record is. In my ten years of wisdom, I was absolutely certain that these Laser Discs were going to change the world. They were going to be everywhere. I was going to have an entire collection of Laser Discs at my disposal and I would lie on a couch somewhere desperately trying to get them to "scan" through to the next chapter and finally achieve half-hearted success and be thrilled out of my mind. My young brain could see it all.

Imagine my disappointment when I arrived in sixth grade and Laser Discs had disappeared without even saying goodbye. They had left as suddenly as they had arrived on the technology scene and there was a void in my youthful technology heart. I never really recovered from that early technology abandonment. I blame Laser Discs for my inability to understand "technology things" to this day.

I still have a first generation ipod. You know the one that looks like a USB drive? I just ran a half-marathon with the thing on Saturday. I've lost the end cap and it's absolutely impossible to know which song is coming next...but I don't do well with new technology. So it's probably no surprise that I can't figure out emojis. As of June, there were over 2,600 emoticons in the world. That's more emojis than I have children. And I can't figure out my own children, how in THE WORLD am I supposed to figure out that many emojis?! After a few years of work, I feel pretty confident in my analysis of a handful of emojis, and in case you are still rocking your flip-phone from the days of "roaming charges" and "long distance calls" I've decided to help you out a little. So without any further ado...I present to you -- my guide to understand this new-fangled emoji world. Ready?

As far as I can tell, this smiling face generally conveys mild amusement or the idea of "Please don't be mad even though I just said something kind of offensive."

This guy means basically the same thing, but kicked up a notch. Use it when you've said something actually offensive...but really it was still funny.

This one means, "I'm embarrassed to admit that I find that SUPER FUNNY." It also means, "I wish it wasn't true, but it really is."

This poor guy. He means, "WHY did I google that when you told me not to??!! I can never UNsee that." Or "Oops. Times a million."

I think this one is pretty clear actually. "I *may* have lied a little." Either that or "My allergic reaction is manifesting itself on my nose. Please send a doctor immediately."

Actually, I still haven't figured this one out. Someone help me out. Is it "Give me more of your ice cream before my other eye falls out"? When would you ever have an occasion to use that?

This guy says, "I have so many warm fuzzy feelings inside of me that they are squishing my lips into weird shapes and I'm breathing hearts." I also sometimes use it to mean, "I adore you." and "Don't be mad at me even though I've reminded you seven times today that I really, really, really need you to pick up watermelon on the way home from work today." Although...usually I only use that one for my husband. Unless you are also willing to pick up watermelon for me on your way home from work.

I call this one "The Facebook Thumb." And I'm pretty sure it's the FB version of the middle finger. I mean... think about it. You're pouring your heart out to someone on FB messenger. Because it's 2017. You can do that if you want to. You've sent a zillion messages detailing the entire situation and are a little desperate to be reassured that you aren't crazy/overreacting/going to be eaten by gorillas at any minute...and you get this response:

Tell me that doesn't feel like you've just been flipped off. The WORST PART though... is that it's super easy to accidentally give someone the FB Thumb. Just today, I was trying to open a notification on my phone and sent somebody TWO thumbs in a row. It's horrifying.

And on that note...what's a blog post without some cookies? I made these pocket cookies kind of a while ago...but I figure... there's never a bad time for pockets. I know I never have enough.

Denim jean pocket cookie decorating tutorial

1. Outline and flood the entire cookie with a dark blue icing. (This one is a mix of royal blue and regal purple food coloring.) Let the cookie dry overnight.
2. Put some white food coloring on a plate. Grab some white food coloring with a dry rake brush and tap the excess off. Lightly brush across the pocket horizontally and vertically. The lines will break and pick back up randomly. That's what we want. Don't be a perfectionist.
3. Add detail lines with thick white icing and a # 1.5 tip. I found it easiest to start at the top point of the heart and pipe one direction and then come back to the top point and pipe the opposite direction.

And if that was all super can just watch me do it here!



See how Sweet Sugarbelle makes her DENIM POCKET cookies.

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