Oh...you guys. Summer was LONG this year. And I love summer. I love having my kids home. It wasn't them. It was me. To be perfectly precise...it was me taking on too much. WHAT?! Who does that? Surely none of you - ever! But now they are back in school. Projects are ending and I am READY for some fun and excitement!!! Are you with me?! I thought I would throw it back old-school to my very first challenge ever and go with a Cutter Challenge! But instead of making you all use the same shape... you get to choose from all the cutters I've designed this year!!

Before I tell you the rules...let me tell you about the prizes! Because...well..prizes. So much more fun.

There will be ONE GRAND PRIZE winner. 

They will get--

** a whole pile of the NEW Sugarbelle stuff coming out this month...and some of the old favorites
** a set of Cookie Companion Color Chart Cards
** the new Arty McGoo cutters including the seriously brilliant mix-and-match dress cutters
** a giant collection of fun sprinkles mixes from Sweet & Treats
** a multi-pack of my new favorite cutting tool - the PenBlade Knife
** AND a $100 (CAN) GIFT CARD to Christine's Molds!!!!

Additionally... for every 50 entries into the contest, there will be another smaller prize package given away. So if there are 200 entries, there will be FOUR smaller prize packages and the Grand Prize!! Because PRIZES.


1. Use one cutter I've designed this year and make something that it was NOT intended for. For example - do not make a rose with the rose cutter. Turn it into a spaceship or a chipmunk instead!
2. Make NEW cookies.
3. You may ADD or TAKE from the cookie shape slightly. I need to be able to see what cutter you used to begin with!
4. Take a picture of your cookie and post it on Facebook, or Instagram, or a blog...or anywhere online at all really. Grab the link for the page that has your photo and come back here and click on the BLUE "Add Your Link" button at the bottom of the post.
5. You may make and enter as many separate entries as you like!!
6. Submission deadline is October 10, 2017.
7. Open internationally. If a winner outside of the United States is chosen, they can choose to pay shipping for the prizes or receive an equivalent prize amount in gift cards. 
8. Winners will be drawn at RANDOM. You don't have to be the most skilled decorator in the world. There is no judgement. There should be no stressing out. Just let loose, get a little creative, and HAVE FUN!!!!! (Please, please, please have fun!!!)

You don't even have to buy my cutters if you don't want to. I'm including outlines below of each cutter. You are welcome to print them out and hand cut!! Or print them out to sketch on!

Want to snag one anyway? You can grab it from Ann Clark here:


(Save 40% with code HOTSAVINGS17)


The Cookie Companion Cutters are sold as a set. You can get them HERE.

That's it! What are you waiting for? Get to creating already!!


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