The LilaLoa Collection for Ann Clark Cookie Cutters

I know what you are thinking -- and let me assure you that the world as you know it is NOT, in fact, ending. I know it seem like it with me posting on a Monday and all. I mean...I can barely get myself out of bed in the morning...much less form coherent thoughts using actual letters and punctuation. But this can't wait even one more day. I have another fantastic cookie cutter announcement!

(I know!! It's like the 12 Days of Giving all over again -- one awesome thing after another!!!)

I recently joined forces with Ann Clark Cookie Cutters to bring you the LilaLoa Collection for Ann Clark Cookie Cutters.  Unlike the Cookie Companion Cutters, this collection will be sold as individual cutters and will be an ongoing collaboration with cutters released throughout the year. I am SO EXCITED to see where this year takes us!!!! And today is that first day of joy and happiness when I get to show you these little GEMS of cookie magic!!! Grab them on Amazon (with Prime shipping!) or from Ann Clark Cookie Cutters directly and then come back all this week because I am going to walk you through decorating them with tutorials and videos and template images for your KK or pico!!

Banner Heart (Ann Clark)
Heart Padlock (No longer available)
Rose Cutter (Amazon or Ann Clark)

Oh my goodness!! You didn't think I would let you go without giving some of these away did you??!! Just click that Easy Entry button below before midnight on Friday, January 20th for a chance to win!!

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