The Cookie Companion -- COOKIE CUTTERS!!!!

I'm not sure if you know...but I'm super good at imagining things. Like if there were ninjas of imagination...I would be the Ra's al Ghul. Except maybe not the super-villain part. There is not a situation in the world that I couldn't imagine my way into or out of. Seriously...crazy sounds in the night are amateur hour compared to my imagination. But for all that, I would have never NEVER imagined that a day like this would come.


Real cookie cutters. Not just the ones I made myself from metal flashing. But smooth, solid, shiny metal GOODNESS IN CUTTER FORM. I am beyond excited!! I just want to squish them and touch them every 10 seconds to reassure myself that they are real and actually here!

These cutters come as a set. There are 10 cutters -- jar of flowers, plaque, cake stand, bird, the cutest baby cutter ever, candle, slice of cake with candle, rattle, tall gift, and confetti ribbon cutters. It's a well rounded set with a cutter for pretty much any occasion. Halloween? Turn that rattle into a pumpkin candy basket! Thanksgiving? The cake becomes a pie with a dollop of whip cream! Your cousin's neighbor quit his job because he has an incurable disease and decided to sacrifice himself to a volcano to save an indigenous people living on an island in the middle of the ocean? Well...there's a plaque for that. And also a movie, I think.

In case you are wondering -- because I know some of you are -- here are the sizes --

Cake Slice (3.25" X 3.5")
Cake Stand (3" X 4.5")
Baby (3.5" X 4.5")
Rattle (2" X 3.75")
Jar of Flowers (2.25" X 5")
Confetti Ribbon (2.5" X 4.25")
Candle (1.5" X 4")
Plaque (4.25" X 3.5")
Tall Gift (2.25" X 3.75")
Bird (4" X 2.5")

Just one more picture because I simply cannot help myself. And then I'll tell you where you can get them for yourself!

You can get them on Amazon HERE. (In the middle of a "no-spend January?"-- add them to your cart now so you can find them again later! They will also be available with Prime early next week if you want to wait for that!!)

You can grab them from FLOUR BOX BAKERY, TRULY MAD PLASTICS, or HOW SWEET IS THAT? (international shipping) too!!

And if you're can still get my BOOK and the COLOR CHART CARDS as well!

And you KNOW I love a giveaway!!! I'm so excited to see what YOU make with these cutters that I'm giving away THREE SETS OF CUTTERS!!! Just click that Easy Entry button below before midnight on January 16, 2016!! (And because I'm crazy can enter every day between now and then for even more chances to win!!)

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