How to Make GREENERY Colored Icing

How to mix greenery colored frosting -- cookie decorating

I think it would be safe to say that absolutely no part of the month of January went as planned. I was determined to be "organized" this be "on top of things" and to stop "freaking out because I put everything off until the very last possible second and then took an ice cream break anyway." I spent a whole afternoon making lists and color coding my January calendar so that I could efficiently balance cookies and family and still have time to make myself  a better person by reading instructive and insightful novels and spending quality time with my running shoes.

You know what happened though? January 2nd happened. Oh sure, it seems like ANY OTHER DAY OF THE YEAR. But it just snuck right up on me and I'm not really sure how to explain it, but I'm pretty sure there is some kind of magical fog (and not the good kind) and a government conspiracy that changes the gravitational pull of my bedroom during the winter season. And also, I got sick. And my kids got sick. And I watched in despair as all hope evaporated from my color coded calendar in front of my very tired eyes.

Normally, I would just give up and turn to Netflix to console my crumbling aspirations. But I didn't! I kept fighting. And losing. And losing. And losing. And it is now the VERY LAST DAY of January and I am determined to accomplish at least ONE color coded item from the month. Especially since I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the color palettes. Because I couldn't stop myself. I love color.

If you love color like I do, you may have heard that Pantone announced that the color of the year for 2017 is GREENERY. I'm in love! It's basically my favorite green ever and I use it all the time and it's the absolute PERFECT reason to peer pressure each and every one of you into trying it out this year! Greenery all the things!!

How to make greenery colored frosting -- cookie decorating
Luckily for all you friends out there that are susceptible to my particular brand of peer pressure...Greenery is a pretty easy color to make! If you have my book or color chart cards, you already have the formula! (It's Green 12.)

Mix 3 parts of Americolor gold with 1 part of Americolor leaf green

A "part" can be a drop or 1/4 teaspoon or however you want to measure it. If the icing seems too light...add more food coloring in the same ratios until it's the right shade. (And if you got all enthusiastic and your green is WAY too dark...add some white food coloring or more white icing to lighten it up again.)

And now that you have the most perfect green icing that ever existed in the entire history of existing...what will you do with it?! I put together a few (or 20) color palettes that should get you through the rest of the year.

Are you ready?




Grab some Americolor Leaf Green or Americolor Gold food coloring. 


If you struggle with mixing icing, check out the color charts in MY BOOK or get just the COLOR CHART CARDS


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