How to Pipe an Icing Rope

Learn how to pipe an icing rope for decorated nautical sugar cookies

Wanted: Laundry-doing person.

Must be able to put clothes in the washing machine and start it on a regular basis. And by "regular basis" I mean more than once or twice a month. Every day is ideal. Knowledge of washing temperatures is a plus, but really - if you can shove the clothes in that thing, somehow manage to add soap and press "start"- I won't complain.

Transferring clothes to the dryer before they mold is negotiable but preferred. Helping the cleaned clothing find its way home while pretending that the rest of my house is in perfect condition is an absolute requirement. A signed confidentiality agreement will be signed regarding the state of the kitchen before work or payment can occur.

Payment to be made in decorated cookies- payable on Saturday mornings or in chocolate cookie dough - payable on Tuesday evenings.

Or you could just come over and talk to me while I avoid doing laundry altogether. Or starting cookies. I'm okay with that too. No need to be all formal about it.  Sometimes things are just better when they are simple. Like piping an icing rope. I always complicate it in my brain...but as it turns's actually pretty straightforward.

Learn how to pipe an icing rope for decorated nautical sugar cookies

1. Use thick icing to pipe a backwards "S" shape. could do a regular "S" shape too... but it's somehow easier for me to see it as a shape instead of a letter when I do it backwards. And really...this shape is all there is to piping a rope.
2. Do you see that little notch on the bottom of the "S" shape? Pipe another "S" shape starting inside that notch.
3. Keep doing that until your rope is as long as you need it to be. Or until you get tired. Either way. Once I've pipe 2 or 3 "S" shapes, I try to line up the beginning of the next "S" shape with the end of the one before the one I just finished piping. So...I line up the beginning of the THIRD "S" shape with the end of the FIRST "S" shape. Does that make sense?

Or I am confusing you more as I continue to try to explain it? Would you rather just see it happen? I thought that maybe you I made you a video, because I'm thoughtful like that. And also because I like videos more than I like laundry.


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Learn how to pipe an icing rope for decorated nautical sugar cookies


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