How to Make Decorated Ruffle Bunting Cookies (with BUTTER CREAM!!)

Ruffle bunting decorated sugar cookies -- tutorial

You know what I really love?

If you said bright colors and candy AND candy that is brightly colored -- you would be right.

And if you said going to sleep at night because I have nothing else to do and not waking up until morning -- you would also be right. (You also have a fantastic imagination...because I don't think that actually happens in real life.)

But if you said growing a garden or trying to make my own cheese...actually, you know what? You would still be right.

I would also accept water. Either to drink or to play on or in. And Chaco sandals. And melted cheese chips. (Let's not call them "nachos" because some people might think that I mean that fake cheese dipping sauce and I definitely do not mean that.) And organizing bins that you can't see into. And the month of August.

Okay! I get it. I like a lot of things. I'm a liker. It's just who I am. What's so awful about liking things anyway?

One more thing that I like -- ZERO PRESSURE environments. Like butter cream. Butter cream loves you no matter what you do. It gives you a near endless number of tries to "get it right." You can put it on a cookie or eat it with a spoon. (Let's not even pretend that we don't do that.) And when it comes out looking all "textured" and "rustic" it loves you even more because THAT'S WHAT IT WAS MEANT TO BE.

Why in the world is decorated cookies with butter cream not more of a thing?! It's pure deliciousness and the PERFECT excuse to forget about perfection!! I'm going to make this happen. (Not like the pear revolution. Where were you guys on that one?!? I thought we were friends, but you left me standing there all alone pushing my own pear movement. Except Kim. She was there with me. You kind of owe me on this butter cream thing. Just try it once. You won't be sorry.) 

Butter cream is absolutely ideal for these flowers and the ruffled bunting. You can *totally* make them with royal icing...but since it requires a thick consistency...they basically crawled into my bed at night with their cold little feet and wouldn't leave until I promised to make them with butter cream. And since I can't say no to butter they are.  And then I made you a video so you could make some too. Because you're going to, right? Right guys?


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I used THESE CIRCLE CUTTERS for the cookie and for the guidelines. (Each cookie is half of a circle.) Grab some ROSE TIPS and some STAR SPRINKLES.

The VANILLA VARIATION is my favorite cookie recipe with butter cream.

I know you're going to can get the COOKIE SWIVEL HERE.

Patriotic buttercream cookies for Memorial Day


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