How To Make Quick and Easy Gold Speckled Easter Egg Cookies

Someone please explain to me how in THE WORLD people clean their houses with children around. I'm serious. I'm at Desperation Level: Infinity Twelve. I feel like I'm in some kind of twisted Hansel and Gretel story. I walk around picking up the bread crumbs and these short little creatures come behind me and put them all back again as quickly as I can pick them up. And "bread crumbs" isn't a metaphor for all their book bags and homework papers and socks and shoes and blankets and stuffed animals and toys and necklaces and hair brushes and paper airplanes. I'm talking about ACTUAL bread crumbs... because apparently eating at a table will give them the plague and must be avoided at all costs.

So I'm endlessly washing spoons, navigating Lego minefields and secretly, desperately hoping that anyone who happens to drop by will believe me when I say that they can't come in because my real house is on vacation in Tahiti and the substitute house doesn't like visitors or vacuums. Or soap for that matter.

Thank goodness for cookies like these gold speckled eggs because they could NOT be easier to make!

Flood the eggs with a pale colored icing and let them dry for at least 3-4 hours. Place 3 drops of gold coloring on top of the egg and use the air stream from an airbrush (without any coloring in it) to move the gold around on the cookie. Repeat on as many cookies as you can until you feel better about life as you know it.

Need to see it in action? I've got you covered.


Get the supplies: Egg Cutter, Plaque Cutter, Gold Coloring, Airbrush.
See how to get the moss look HERE


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