Fantastic Find Friday -- European 10-Petal Rose Piping Tips

Have you seen the European/Russian flower piping tips? It seems like they are EVERYWHERE I look these days!! I just want to own them and try them out and love them...I mean... tell me you don't feel the same way. Seriously -- just try it. I'll wait.


You couldn't even look me in the eyes while saying it. But there is something about the $49/set price tag that's been holding me back. When I saw them for sale individually at How Sweet Is That? I lost my mind and spent hours trying to decide which ones to get- there were so many options to choose from! In the end...I could really only see myself actually using the 10-Petal Rose tip. So I got a couple of those. I made some basket cookies this week and figured it was the perfect time to try these out!

I decided to try it out with some extra white icing I know...just lying around. I was surprised to find that even though most listings say they will fit "standard couplers"--they really don't. They fit the giant size couplers. So I just dropped it into a piping bag without a coupler. You know...because I'm casual like that. I just went crazy and piped "flowers" all over the place for nearly half an hour. I piped them short and I piped them tall. I tried piping roses while pulling the tip straight up and some while rotating my wrist like I do when I make drop flowers. In the heart may have broken a little bit...because the truth is - I just didn't like it.

I was kind of hoping for a miracle tip. I wanted to just squeeze icing out of the tip and magically have a rose appear. If you just squeeze icing straight out, it kind of resembles a nuclear waste symbol. The best result was a semi-short rose piped while rotating my wrist about 90 degrees. I am fully willing to accept a hefty amount of user error with these tips, but I piped nearly a 100 of these little blobs of icing and probably only got 4-5 that actually looked like flowers. And maybe I'm being too critical because I want them to look like actual roses. I've seen a lot of brightly colored "flowers" made with these tips that look great. On closer inspection they don't really look like actual flowers...but if you are going for a quick fill of a basket with fantasy flowers...these could be your tips!

Bottom Line: I can't see myself buying any more of these. Trying them out at the next Cookie Con? Sure! And I actually don't plan on using this tip again. I'll probably just pass it around between the local decorators for them to try out.

Now that I've completely scared you there anyone who still wants to try it? (Please? Maybe you can figure out the secret to it's magic!!) I have an extra one to send out to one of you! Just click the Easy Entry button below before midnight on Friday, March 25, 2016.

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Have a specific tip you want to try out? Get them individually HERE. And if you are interested in the entire set, the cheapest I have found them ($16 for the full set!!) is HERE.


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