New Year's Eve Celebration Glasses Cookies

If the holidays are all just one big happy family... then Christmas and Thanksgiving are like the Mom and Dad. And I'm not saying who is who, but one of those parents is all about presents and candy and fudging the rules and the other one is just trying to feed the world. The entire world. With just one meal. And Halloween is like the fun Aunt that legitimately loves having you come round so she can do all her favorite kid things again...and fill your pockets with chocolate when your parents aren't looking. I'm not really sure about Valentine's Day, but the 4th of July is DEFINITELY the older cousin. He's the only one old enough to drive and he's got the well-used car that takes him across the border to pick up illegal fireworks to prove it. But poor New Year's's the pet turtle. It's there and people know it...but nobody really knows what to do with it. You just keep feeding and watering and hoping it doesn't die, but you're not even sure that you would know if it did.

Poor little holiday. Never gets any real cookies to itself. I made some up real quick just because I felt so bad for it. But then I almost didn't show them to you because...well... because I just didn't want to get up and hold my arms near my head long enough to take an actual picture. But I did. For you. And for New Year's Eve. Because we are NOT losing our pet turtle holiday! Not on my watch.

I used a dress cutter. I pulled out 3 and all of them would have worked. Choose the one you like best. Bake it up. Add a base layer if you want, or go crazy and just pipe these right onto a bare cookie.

1. Using medium black icing and a #2 tip, pipe the rim of the glass and then loop down to make the bottom of the glass. Let it dry for 15 minutes, or longer if you want to fill them with a lighter color.
2. Fill the glasses half full with a fun color of icing. Immediately sprinkle with a light layer of white sanding sugar to get a carbonated look.
3. Pipe the stem and the foot of the glass with the same black icing and a #2 tip.
4. Add a quick shine line on each glass and call it good. Go celebrate. Or take a nap. Whichever one seems more festive to you.


I don't know where I got my dress cutter, but you could use this one, this one, or this one. (I don't own that last one, but I WANT to!!) 

These are probably my favorite New Year's Eve cookies. 



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