Decorated Snowman Cookies

Merry Cookie Season!! Are you all still crazy decorating? I finished these cookies ahead of schedule and kind of lost my head. I mean...not running behind? At CHRISTMAS TIME? I don't even... does. not. compute. I started thinking all these crazy things like "Maybe I'll clean my house today" and "Oooh, or I could take all 4 of my children Christmas shopping. In the evening. When every one else in the entire world is also shopping. I could probably run out and back real quick before they get hungry and cranky and have a complete meltdown in the middle of the store." Luckily I came to my senses and we played "Salon Day" while eating cheesy chips instead. Best day ever.

I even got to use one of my cousin's fabulous cards as inspiration for cookies. She makes cards and other incredible paper projects over at her blog -- Simply Pam's Creations. And once a month or so she lets me take one of her card ideas and remake it in cookie form. And then she makes one of my cookies into a card. It's so fun!

See? She's go the best ideas!! As soon as I saw these snowmen I knew the baby cutter from Karen's Cookies would be perfect!

1. Use a food color marker to trace a circle cutter as a guideline for the head. I didn't do this for the first two and things just got all wonky.
2. Outline and fill the head portion with medium consistency white icing. Let it dry for a while if you are going to make the shirt a bright color. You don't want them getting extra-friendly on you.
3. Outline and fill the shirt area with medium consistency orange icing. Again, let this dry for a while so the colors don't bleed. Alternatively... you could do steps 2 and 4 at the same time. I didn't because I just don't trust myself to get everything to match up right.
4. With the medium white icing, add the bottom part of the snowman.
5. Make a small circle of icing on either side of the head with icing. Add the cutest little heart in green on the shirt.
6. With a #3 tip and orange icing, pipe a hem line across the bottom of the shirt. Add some mittens.

7. Add arms with thick black icing and a #3 tip. I did the eyes and the mouth with a #1.5 tip. Pipe a headband with blue icing and a #3 tip.

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