Classic Frankenstein Cookies

Halloween Cookies

There is no shortage of random cutters that I've turned into Halloween cutters. (Flip-Flops, Animal Paw, Tulip, Ladybug, Christmas Bell, Greek Letter Phi, Squares, Circles...) There IS, however, a very short list of ACTUAL HALLOWEEN cutters that I've used to make Halloween cookies. I have used a witch hat and a cauldron. The end. Well, very nearly the end.

My favorite way to decorate cookies with children is to bake them, and then outline all the sections with black icing. Then I give them bottles with colored flood icing and let them fill in all the sections. My 4 year old can literally spend an entire day filling in sections of cookies with icing. And eating the icing. Mostly eating the icing.

I wanted to make some of these outlined cookies for a Halloween party and grabbed my Halloween cutter box and discovered a little treasure inside. An ACTUAL Frankenstein cookie cutter!! You know the square-ish shaped one that comes in that Wilton Bucket O'Halloween Cutters?! I've never used it. I've never even considered using it. Until now. Because now I love it. LOVE IT! I formally regret all those years that I shoved it to the bottom of my cutter bin. And as a first step at making amends with that guy, I'm going to show YOU how to love him too!

1. Use a #3 tip and a 17 count icing to outline the face and fill in the hair. (I'm just going to be honest with you guys. I stopped counting a long time ago. Now I bang my icing bowl on the counter and if it settles out in 4 bags... that's good enough for me.) (So technically, you should use a 4-bang icing for this step.) Let it dry for an hour.
2. With a #3 tip and a 3-bang electric green icing (12-15 count) fill in the face. If you have problems with icing colors bleeding, you should let these guys dry overnight. Because electric green and black are kind of bullies (along with red) when it comes to color bleed.
3. Add some gray knobby things on the side of his square little neck.
4. Add 2 white circles for eyes. I piped them close together so they would kind of run together. Add to drops of black on top, or black candy pearls for the pupils. With a #1.5 tip, add stitches and a mouth. I used pink food coloring and a food safe brush to paint on some pink little cheeks.

Tell me -- have you ever used this cutter for it's intended purpose? If you HAVE, and if you want to... you could leave a link to the picture in the comments. I would LOVE to see the way other people have used this cutter!


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Go ahead and give in to the temptation to spend your entire day coming up with "pumpkin cutter" ideas I haven't already thought of.


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