Quick Tip Tuesday -- Bake Perfect Circles

Circles remind me of middle school. The taunting, the teasing, the unachievable perfection staring me in the face. Luckily, there's no impossible locker code to remember for baking perfect circles. Just this one simple tip.

Use 2 circle cutters.

The end.

Just kidding. Let's be clear. First, it's super important that you find a recipe you love that doesn't spread. (Try this vanilla or this chocolate one if you need a suggestion.) Then cut out a circle of dough just larger than the circle you actually want. Transfer it in all its wonky, stretching goodness to your baking sheet. Then re-cut with your smaller, perfect circle cutter. Remove the excess cookie dough and...Ta da! Instant perfect circle for baking. The end for real.


My favorite set of circle cutters. Arguably my favorite set of cutters ever.

How to pipe a straight line.

Keep your letters clean and sharp.

Put those baked circles to good use with these Halloween circle designs.

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