Challenge Yourself -- Everyday Monster Cookies

You guys. Remember when I used to have challenges all the time? And then I moved to America and had a baby and all that ended. Guess what? You already read the title.... so I'm assuming this isn't much of a surprise anymore. I'm back with the challenges!!! They aren't going to be monthly anymore. That was just too much pressure to get to the post office regularly. (All of my previous winners know exactly what I'm talking about here.) They are going to be seasonal or quarterly or whatever you want to call it. Basically.... you'll have more than 2 weeks to make the cookies. Less pressure for you. Less pressure for me. Cookies are NOT made well under pressure. Except when they are, because sometimes I just procrastinate my life away until 11pm on Friday night and then... sometimes those cookies are FANTASTIC. But that's not what we're talking about here.

Right now we're talking about monster cookies. These monster cookies. And do you want to know how I made them? I just reached into my cookie cutter bin of despair, otherwise known as "The cutters I intend to put away eventually. Really." and grabbed out a handful. And then I just put icing all over them and added eyeballs. And they're adorable. Except for that weird pink fuzzy thing on the end. I don't like that one. And I almost dropped him from the photo. But I didn't. Because I like you. And you should know that not everything works out like you plan. Especially when you try something different. Do you want to see the cutters I used?

You probably could have guessed most of these by yourself. They're not complicated. Just fun. And THAT is this fall's challenge.

Put your hand into a bin of cutters and pull out a handful. Then make one or more of them into a monster cookie. Take a picture. Upload it to wherever you put your photos these days (including Instagram!) and then link them up down below. The challenge is open until November 4, 2014. Anyone anywhere in the world can enter.

On November 5th, I'll use my good friend to choose a winner of a $20 gift certificate for and donated by The Cookie Cutter Company.


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