Valentine's Day Kissing Lips Cookies

How to make Valentine's Day sugar cookies

I've finally become a grown-up for real. I've stopped using bubblegum toothpaste. In fact, I've gone so far as buying, and actually using, baking soda toothpaste. I don't really like being a grown-up. Being a grown-up tastes awful. It makes me want to throw oral hygiene out the nearest metaphorical window. Except, I don't even have a metaphorical window. I only have regular type windows. And it's really cold outside. I'm not opening one of those up. Because, just my luck, it would probably end up snowing on my bed. And then I'd have no choice but to sleep with the purple pony blanket. And that's pretty much the opposite of being a real live adult.

So, instead, I suffer through day after day after night after night of awful tasting toothpaste just to do my part to uphold the name of adulthood. It's all for you guys, really. Because I'm selfless like that. And also, because I'm secretly vain and I'm hoping that it will magically make my teeth whiter. Like these cookies with their perfectly white sparkly teeth.

Also... you should make these cookies because they are super fun and unbelievably easy to make. I'll show you and you won't even believe your mind.

1. Bake your cookies using a folk heart cutter turned on its side. Alternately, you could just turn the cookie itself on its side after baking. Use a thick-ish (20 second) icing in pink or purple or some other fun lip color and pipe the bottom part of the lip.
2. While the icing is still wet, dip a toothpick into some slightly thinner white icing and drop it onto the bottom lip. Gently drag the dot of white icing along the bottom edge. Let dry for 30 minutes.
3. Add the top lip with the same lip colored icing and add another drop of white icing, dragging to create the shine line. Let both lips dry for an hour or two so nothing goes weird when you add the white icing.
4. Fill in the space between the lips with the slightly thinner white icing. If you want to, you could also sprinkle it with something sparkly like disco dust while it is still wet.

How to make Valentine's Day sugar cookies


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