Sparkly Lip Cookies

Valentine's Day decorated sugar cookies

Out of necessity and over time, I have exactly three rules for any person desiring transportation in my vehicle.

Rule #1 -- Do not eat pizza. Once you open the box inside those closed doors... that smell is going NO WHERE. For days. And years. And your whole life and car will smell like pizza until the end of time or at least two weeks. Whichever comes first.

Rule #2 -- No simultaneous whistling. I actually have a hard time listening to anyone whistling anything ever. And have you ever tried to whistle the exact same pitch as another living person? It's basically impossible unless you are a ninja whistler or on the Olympic whistling team. I worry that my head will implode while I am still directly responsible for your physical safety.

Rule #3 -- Don't kiss or anything in the back seat while I'm driving. This one should be pretty self-explanatory. That's just weird.

And after this week, I might be adding a fourth rule. Absolutely no sanding sugar of any kind allowed unless it is in NASA approved airlocked container, wrapped inside 3 layers of plastic wrap and covered in duct tape and then placed inside... someone else's car. So, actually, just no sanding sugar ever. It gets everywhere. All those tiny crystals all going their own evil way, crawling under and into everything they can. And then waiting until after I've swept and wiped down every surface of my kitchen and all adjoining rooms before enacting their evil plans to return and dig their way into my forearm every time I lean on my counter for the next three weeks. (Yes. I decorate cookies standing up at my counter and I can't stand simultaneous whistling. I'm weird. I get that.)

But I still use sanding sugar. Because I love it in spite of its evil, evil ways. I love the sparkle and the texture, and apparently, I also have a thing for lip cookies this week. Because when I got the chance to choose one of my cousin's fabulous paper card designs from her blog Simply Pam's Creations to recreate as a cookie, I chose THIS ONE

Easy Decorated Valentine's Day sugar cookies
1. I love the thick lips of the design. To get that shape, use your lip cutter to cut just a little more off each side after the initial cut.
2. With 15 second white icing and a #2 tip, outline the bottom and top lips and fill in the space in the middle. Make some white lines like the ones shown. I noticed that the lips where the lines were slightly longer looked better. Do that. And then let it dry for at least an hour. You don't want the white turning pink when you add the red.
3. Real quick and hasty like, pipe the red icing around the edges and then fill in the middle. I'm going to be honest with and let you know that my icing looks like this every time I intend to put sanding sugar on top. No need to go for beauty when you're just going to cover it up.
4. Throw some sugar on top and let it dry for about 15 minutes before shaking it off. And brushing it off. And getting it into every crevice that ever existed.

Easy Valentine's Day decorated sugar cookies


See which one of my cookies Pam made into a card.

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