Halloween Spider Cookies

You know what I like about Halloween? Bright colors and silly faced pumpkins and lots of candy and the little trick-or-treaters with their flashlights and glowsticks dancing down the street to get that candy. Especially the ones with the tiny little legs that can't carry more than 12 treats before their arms get tired and their parents have to carry them home where they fall asleep on the living room floor after eating 1.5 pieces of said loot.

You know what I *don't* like about Halloween? Pretty much everything else. It's so creepy and scary and just kind of gross. And I don't like creepy or scary or gross. I'm a complete wimp. I can't even look at these cookies. I put them in my basement when they were finished and I'm going to make my husband transport them to their next destination. He doesn't actually know about that part of the deal yet. But I'm pretty sure that transporting spider cookies is on the list of "Things Husbands are Supposed To Do Because Their Wives Are Scared To Do Them." Right under investigating night noises and removing insects from the house.

I made these as part of a project with my cousin. She's basically fantastic. She makes super creative cards on her blog -- Simply Pam's Creations. And sometimes she makes cards of my cookies and I make cookies of her cards. Like this card. I made it into creepy cookies. But the creepy part was my fault.

1. Ironically, the cutter that best fits a spider is actually... a spider web cutter. Flood the cookie with white icing and let dry overnight.
2. Pipe a black oval with 20 second icing and a #3 tip. Let dry for 30 minutes.
3. Add a black circle for a head and some weird red shape on top of the body to make it creepy. Let  that dry for another 30 minutes.
4. Pipe the legs using a #1.5 tip and black icing. And then stop looking at them. Because they are crazy creepy.

Seriously. Don't look at these anymore.


Get the spider web cutter HERE.

Make puffy pumpkins with just about any cutter.

Use less black food coloring and still get real black icing.

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