Old School Cookies

My son started 1st grade last week. That's pretty much as full day as school gets. Because let's be honest, by the time he's old enough to start after school sports and clubs... he will also be old enough to start sleeping through class or ditching out entirely under the guise of a "dry heart disease."

The first day was SO exciting for everyone. He was, of course, awake at the crack of dawn, completely dressed...including shoes.... standing mere inches from my sleep deprived eyeballs, staring at me until I conveniently awoke and he could proudly announce he had chosen the striped blue shirt and green plaid shorts all by himself without even turning his light on. He poured his own cereal and waited rather impatiently by the door until he finally managed to convince me to leave for school about 4 hours early. Or 15 minutes. It was an early morning. The details are fuzzy.

I dropped him off and headed home. By the time I got to the edge of the parking lot, I realized I was alone. Every other parent was still lovingly standing by their child, ready to physically usher them into another challenging and rewarding year of schooling. I sang rebellious songs to myself on my bike ride home and thought of all the incredibly productive things I would finally accomplish.

After a load of laundry and 2 rounds of poorly played Go Fish with my 3 year old, I was pretty much tuckered out. So we watched a movie and ate snacks and jumped on the couch and slid down the stairs inside our pillow cases. By that time it was nearly 9am and I was starting to get anxious. I kept my eye on the clock, not wanting to miss that 3pm pick-up time because I had accidentally eaten lunch for 7 hours or something.

I didn't even start making these cookies until 9pm when I could be certain that I had, in fact, picked him up like a responsible parent and properly after-school-snacked him before letting him loose like a crazy monster in my house.

And since I appreciate those wonderful ladies that will be teaching him everything from science and manners to French and "the takeaways" this year, I made them some old cookies. I mean...the cookies are new. They just look old and dirty.

If you wanted to make the charming "this is the end of your recess and liberty as you know it" bell, I bet you already have the right cutter. It's just a witches broom. Cut off the squiggly parts on the end and push the corners up just a little bit.

1. Then you just make a bell-type shape on the bottom with 17 count icing. I chose blue. You could probably go with a more traditional gold or silver if you wanted to. Let it dry for 30 minutes or so.
2. Then use 17 count brown icing to make the handle and let it dry for a couple of hours. (Does anyone ever wish that "letting it dry" was a pro-active step. Like... sorry I can't do laundry right now, I'm letting my cookies dry.)
3. Pipe on some vaguely tear-shaped drops with another color of icing that is also..... 17 count thick. (You're so smart.) Don't let them quite touch. And also pipe on some ribbon strings while you are at it. Let them all dry for about 30 minutes.
4. Pipe the bottom part of the bow and call it a day. (I just typed botoom instead of bottom. And then I said it out loud. I think the world would be a better place if we started calling our bottoms our botooms.)

After it was all dry, I added water to some luster dust and just put it in all the cracks all willy-nilly and impulsive like. You could certainly do that too if you wanted to. I wouldn't mind.

And in all seriousness and not joking-around-ness... I just want to say THANK YOU to my children's teachers and teachers everywhere. For all the work you do on your summer "vacation" to be ready for a new group of wild and unruly young ones. For teaching them silly songs that make them happy and helping them do math problems that they hate. For reminding them of their lunch numbers when they forget and helping them find the "perfect" book for their curious little minds. And above all... THANK YOU for being the kind of people that I can trust with the little souls that mean the very most to me.

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