Think Outside the Cutter Round Up and WINNER

I'm guessing that after all this time...someone probably wants to know who actually won the free cutter from CopperGifts. I'll tell you. But first you have to take another look at some of my favorite entries from the Think Outside The Cutter Challenge.

I can honestly say, nothing like this would have ever occurred to me. And this cutter is absolutely PERFECT for this design!! I can't believe how many little details Tami (from Tami Rena's Cookies) was able to fit onto that tiny little house!

You guys. Seriously... this happened. Take away the diamond rings and everything goes right down the... umm, well, the plumbing piece in the lavatory that you use to ... umm... gosh! These cookies by One Baked Broad are super creative, aren't they??!!

I love this cookie by Gwen's Kitchen Creations. It's so simple and clean and absolutely fills the space of the cutter perfectly! I want a re-do of my mad science cookies just to use this design!

What you may not have noticed right away is that both of the fish in the bowl are ALSO diamond ring shaped... in miniature!! I love the amazing paint job by The Cookie Architect on that tiny fish bowl gravel and also the fun wave at the top. Just WHAT are these fish doing in there?!

Do you want to know why I love this cookie from Biscoitinhos so much? Because it makes me desperately want to make a cookie with that incredible texture on the fuse! SO well done!

I fell for these little guys from Signature Sweets in an instant. They are ADORABLE! I love their beady little eyes and multi-colored tentacles. (Although, to be completely honest, I'm not super in love with the word "tentacle." It kind of weirds me out because they only belong on scary things that might eat me. And I don't really want to be eaten.)

I love this design from Melissa Joy at Fanciful Cookies and More. It has just the right amount of detail without getting too complicated. And all the little baskets are different colors. And the circles are nearly as perfect as you can get. I just want it to be late summer and night time and the fair to be in full swing.

And a little shout out to my young challenge entrants...these fun designs were created by the children belonging to Denna of Denna's Ideas. Click HERE to see a full description and HERE to see Denna's own parrot design.

And that brings us to our WINNER of the challenge...

Are you ready?

What about now? Now are you ready?

Do you hate me?

(I would.)

The winner, chosen by is #36 --

How fortuitous. The winning cookie design is actually... a winning cookie design!! Congratulations Enticing Icing by Leia!! Go pick out your favorite copper cutter from and check your email for my message! 

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