Challenge Yourself -- Wet-on-Wet


Who would have thought that a month could go by so quickly? Can I just tell you all the secret details of my life right now? Then we can be cozy friends and send each other Christmas cards and smelly candles and other random items we may or may not want. Also, cozy friends come with a super large "pretend you didn't notice" clause. You know, like royal icing on the jeans or the fact that I didn't post this month's challenge until nearly a week into the month. And in return... I'll make the challenge super easy and kind of fun. Deal?

Okay, an update... I live in America. Really, truly live in America. I bought a house and everything. My son attends an actual school that I get to walk him to every day. And every day we have a discussion about whether or not the dirt plugs from someone's recently aerated lawn is in fact dirt or if it might be dog poo. And we talk about where worms come from. And why daffodils are called daffodils.

And my husband moved back to America this week. We live together now. Like married people. And all of my boxes came to my house the next day. I found a ziplock bag of decorated cookies in one box and a canister of cocoa powdered covering every single kitchen item in another box. And my kitchen aid mixer. I think I would rather live without my bed than my mixer.

And in case you are wondering.... America is even better than I remembered it. I fell in love with this country all over again today when I needed to throw something away in public. And I didn't have to pay to do it. I just threw it in a garbage can. Just like that. No dirty looks, no guilt. I just threw it away.

So... moving right along from dirt and garbage cans... let's talk about this month's challenge, shall we? Make something new using the wet-on-wet technique. Layer down one color of icing and immediately use another color on top. The possibilities are endless. Swirls, polka dots, stripes, tie-dye.... I've rounded up a few fun projects if you need some inspiration --

Flower Bouquets (PS-- perfect for Mother's Day)
Simple Daisies
Hawaiian Shirts -- Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle
Birthday Cookies -- Bee In Our Bonnet
Wet-on-Wet Flower -- My Little Bakery

And your prize?

PME SUPATUBES. (Just for the record.... have any of you ever managed to say "supatube" out loud without faking an accent? Because I'm just not capable of it.) The winner will receive a #1, #1.5, #2, #2.5 and a #3 PME Supatube.


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