Garden Wedding Cake

Did you know that you can MOVE your kitchen garbage from where it usually resides to where you are working? It's true. I tried it myself for the first time last week. It was fantastic. I was a little nervous at first. I just nudged it ever so slightly so I could pretend like it was an accident if it somehow changed the entire balance of time and destiny. I waited for my walls to cave in. Nothing happened. So I pushed it over to my cutting board (with my feet. I can't stand to touch it with my actual fingers. Especially if I'm thinking about food. It might get germs on my thoughts.) I propped the lid open and just threw my vegetables ends in there like... well, like someone who has spent their entire life piling up the sticky, slimy vegetable and fruit peels and ends and stems and seeds and then tried to take them all the way across the kitchen to the garbage without letting a single thing drop to the floor and NOW has the ability to just toss them lightly to the garbage can upon their immediate separation from the delicious and clean parts of the fruit and vegetables. I'm telling you -- you should try this.

Also, last week, I replaced my kitchen faucet. With my own two hands. And also my husband's two hands. Mostly my husband's two hands. In the middle of the night. While making a wedding cake. Although, technically, it was actually brownies, so it was more of a wedding brownies.

I made the flowers on the top tier using a 5 petal cutter and the 5 petal blossom veiner from Decorate The Cake. I used the Casa Blanca Lily Set and a leaf cutter for the bottom tier.

** I did not design this cake. I was asked to make it from pictures given to me by the bride. If anyone knows the person who came up with the beautiful idea, I would love to give them credit. **

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