Challenge Yourself -- Be Inspired

It's time for a new challenge. I'm so excited about this one that I'm actually posting it now to give you a few extra days to think about it. This challenge is a little different from the other ones, so be sure to read through the whole post. Don't take an ice cream break or anything in the middle because you might miss something.

Let's pretend I'm throwing an inexplicably large and expensive birthday party for my best friend in the whole world. It could also be for my cousin. That detail might not be as important. What IS important though, is that I put this inspiration board together for the whole extravagant affair. And now I need you to make some birthday cookies for me. Pretty please.

This month's challenge is to use the inspiration board to make birthday cookies. I have also pinned all of the original images to a pinterest board in case you want to know more about them or get a larger view of them. (Click HERE to see the Be Inspired Board.) The catch is that you cannot post the pictures or share them until the last week of the month. I will announce when the link party is open a jillion times so you don't miss it or forget to link up.

And in return... one of you will win a $50 gift card to Etsy so you can continue to be inspired in whatever way inspires you best. Ready? Go!


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