Haunted Halloween Cookies

I live in a Halloween world. My bedroom door creaks. Not like the little, tired creak that most doors creak. It's a giant, "I want you to know that I am moving all on my own without anyone even touching me and there is nothing you can do about it" kind of creak. I swear my neighbors can hear it. That's probably why they avoid me. I mean...I can't imagine any other reason they wouldn't have invited themselves over for a nice little chat and cookies as soon we moved in. I even had an antique lacy type plate ready to throw cookies onto should the occasion present itself. I suppose I could have just invited them over. But then I couldn't have been surprised and all-- "Oh, I just happened to have these labor intensive cookies waiting around in tupperware. No big deal."

Also, there is a cat that sits outside my bedroom window and howls when I start to write blog posts. And it is a black cat. Well, it's partially a black cat. I think it's half-witch and half-ogre. Half-mini-ogre at least.

And the neighborhood children come to the door asking, "Can I have another eyeball?" I am not kidding.

AND... my bathroom light flickers like the eyelids of a child promising that they really aren't tired. It goes on and off and on again for 2-3 minutes before settling on some kind of dull in between light and dark. It's terrifying really. The way I see it, there are only two things that could cause that. There is a chance that someone has placed a spell on my bathroom light. And some night when I least expect it, the light bulb is going to detach itself and start cleaning my toilet and bathtub. And also hang up all those towels wadded in a pile behind the door so I can't see them. (Of course it would be a good spell. Why would anyone cast an evil spell on me? I'm the exact same gender as Amelia Earhart and people liked her didn't they?) The other option is that something is wrong with the wiring. But I'll tell you right now, I'm really hoping for the first one.

Luckily for me, Halloween World is starting to creep into everyone else's houses around this time of year as well. Which means that Matt from The Cookie Cutter Company let me make these cookies. And even better than that...he's going to let me blog about them every single stinking Friday in October!! Best day (month?) ever!!! This week I'm talking about all three of the haunted house cookies and how to make them. Go check it out HERE.

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