Damask Pumpkin Cookies -- Cookies and Cards

I find myself to be a smidgeon too busy these days. I'm making a concerted effort to remove the "extras" from my daily life. So far, I've given up shutting the door softly. I just let it slam. By my calculations, that will save me exactly 17 minutes over the next year. It's the little things that make a difference, right?

Also, I'm trying to consolidate all the hours I spend avoiding laundry. It's been a little rough this week. I mean...I've dedicated YEARS of my life to perfecting my ability to give laundry the ol' slip. I got the laundry baskets that expand to hold enough laundry for a trek to the Arctic. I have more socks than there are days in the month. I set my dryer to silent so it won't give off some awful screeching noise that sends me and my three children running into the street for fear that our house is on fire. I am a card carrying member of the "Re-wash Three Times Because It Never Made It To The Dryer" club. I even know the secret pledge. 

My big plan is to wash ALL the laundry in our house on the same day. (I know, it's a totally novel idea that no one has ever thought of before. I might patent it.) Since folding the clothes is the limiting step for me, I just toss them all on my bed when they come out of the dryer. And that right there is the precise moment in which the laundry avoidance begins. I suddenly become very aware of my children's fingernails and the state of my cookie cutter bin and how the drapes in the living room are ever so slightly crooked...and hungry. So I have to make a snack. And not one of those easy snacks. Laundry dodging snacks can go on for days... And then I have to wash my hands. But then my hands are all dry from the soap, so I have to put lotion on, but then Ican't fold clothes with lotioned up hands, so I have to give it at least 10 minutes. And by that time, I'm right back to staring at the windows in my living room. So if I can push all of that into just ONE afternoon, instead 3 or 4 days out of the week, I'll probably have enough time to shower regularly or build my own Taj Mahal or something.

By the way, in case you didn't notice...it's Friday. And it's October now. And that means it is the FIRST Friday, so I got to snag another one of my cousin Pam's fantastic paper designs and re-create it in sugar form. 

I chose this project. And although it is technically not a card...I didn't really care. Honestly, I'm not one for getting all hung up in the details. You know, like how the patterns are swirls and dots. Apparently, I only have eyes for damask these days. I hope you don't mind.

I made these cookies to match. I actually took a picture of the tall pumpkin and the short polka-dot one on blue and green paper with little leaf sprinkle so it would match exactly. And I was super proud of myself. But...it kind of turned out to be a weird picture and I'm embarrassed to show you. So, just imagine a weird and kind of blurry picture of these cookies on a blue and green background and then be super impressed that they are such a good match for my cousin's poster. (Mwah! You guys are the best!)

And then because I have no impulse control....

...these cookies also happened. And I fell in love with them. And want to marry them. And give them to myself for my own wedding.

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Don't forget to drop by Simply Pam's Creations to see what cookie she has paperfied today!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


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