Thank You Cookies

I'm just going to come right out and say this -- I am SUPER LUCKY to have the friends I do. You all know that I just moved to another town in South Korea. And you probably know that I have three kids. And you may as well know that I don't speak Korean that well. And also, my husband is in the army.

What you don't know is that my husband was gone the entire week before the move. (Which is when we found out we would actually be moving.) He was also gone the entire day of the move. And most of the rest of the week as well. I think it would be an understatement to say that this was a little stressful for me.

It would also be an understatement to say that I have AMAZING friends. One of my friends got up super early in the morning, made a breakfast to bring with her, got her children up (super early, remember?) and brought them all over to my apartment to be there while the movers finished packing things up because I had to be at my new location at the same time. Another incredibly giving friend who does speak Korean called the moving company for me. Many, many times and set everything up. And THEN came to my new place and stayed with me while they moved my stuff in. And on top of that...she had a house guest who she lovingly abandoned to help me out. I am SO LUCKY. And SO HAPPY to have these people in my life. And since I'm all sorts of socially awkward, I'm making them cookies to say thank you. So -- you people who know who you are -- these cookies aren't actually for you, they are for someone else -- but I WILL be making your cookies later this week. Probably.

Also, (and this is totally coming from too many hours unpacking and arranging and finding things alone) I have this great THANK YOU COOKIE idea.

You know how when you go to rent videos, the cashier always tries to get you to buy a giant box of candy that only has three pieces of actual candy on the inside and they want you to pay $4 for it? You should do that with cookies. Only, not the over-priced part. When someone orders baby shower cookies you should ask if they want to order matching "thank you" cookies for the mother-to-be to send to guests. You could attach a little card to the bagged cookie even. It could be a real thing. I'm serious, this could be wildly popular and super trendy. We just have to get someone really famous to think its adorable. Any chance one of you are the editor to a major magazine?

And, also, also, I can't figure out how to take photos in my new place. The lighting is all weird. I might actually get a light tent or a "natural" light. Do any of you have a favorite I should look at?

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