Shopping Options in South Korea...and a giveaway -- CLOSED

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I live in South Korea. I used to live in a very small town in South Korea that looked like this

and this.

This is the local shopping center.

And then I moved to a town that looks like this

and this.

And they have actual malls and giant department stores. The store closest to me looks like this. (And my son is wearing a jacket in July because he is not used to air conditioning.)

It's really exciting to live in a place where I can purchase things. So, although I spent most of the last two weeks unpacking and finding things in my house... It took me exactly 2 days before I could justify going shopping. Which, for the record, was just enough time to find my bed and some unwrinkled clothing.

I'm going to take you on a little grocery store tour. And you have no choice but to come with me because its my blog. I mean, I guess you could just click over to facebook or something instead....but don't, okay? I have a fun surprise for you at the end. (Even though its not really a surprise because I totally gave it away in the title of this post.) (Don't scroll back to the top if you already forgot. Just let it be a surprise.)

This is the baking aisle. They sell powdered sugar in 2 cup pouches and you CAN actually buy Hershey's chocolate chips if you want to pay $6 for them. Also, they have powdered food colors!

This is the spice aisle. I don't know if you can tell, but its all red pepper and sesame seeds, in various forms.

My favorite thing about Korean grocery stores is that instead of having a "Buy One Get One Free" sale, they just tape the free item to the other item. Sometimes it makes sense, and sometimes it doesn't. We have seen t-shirts taped to cereal boxes and laundry hampers taped to bags of chips. This is my favorite. It is a box of diet cereal taped to a larger box of Oreo cereal.

 And, the moment we've all been waiting for...cookie and cake decorating things! It's actually crazy to me that there aren't more options because I'm pretty sure that Wilton products are made IN THIS COUNTRY. 

I'm sorry my pictures are all kind of fuzzy and weird. I couldn't find my camera and had to use my cellphone. My point is that if you look closely in the middle of all the novelty kitchen will find a butter knife. And it is $4. 

I haven't really had the option to just go shopping in a long time. My willpower has taken a 2 year break and it pretty much couldn't run a mile if its life depended on it. So I bought a few a lot of things and brought them home. And then I looked at my house that was covered in even more stuff and nothing had a home and I wanted to throw everything out instead of organizing it but I couldn't because they were things that we actually needed like clothes and diapers and food.

So I'm going to give it all to one of YOU!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED.~~~~~~~~~~~

1-- Leave me a comment telling me something they sell in your country that you wouldn't want to live without if you moved to Antarctica. 

2-- Share this giveaway on facebook or twitter and come back and leave me a comment in a foreign language. You can make up that language if you want to. I don't mind.

In case you were wondering ...

1. Plastic cookie cutters -- dog, pig, and squirrel.
2. Plastic cookie cutters -- weird shape, star, hippo (MOST ADORABLE CUTTER EVER!!), bear, heart, fluted circle.
3. Plastic cookie cutters -- flower, star, heart, heart, tiny armed gingerbread man, star.
4. These have nothing to do with cookies. They are mopping slippers. You just put them on and mop your floor while you walk around. And then toss them in the washer. Repeat as desired. 
5. Powdered food colors -- pink, yellow, and blue. They have a picture of macarons and cupcakes on the front. So...I'm assuming those would be fantastic options to make with these colors. 
6. Jar spatula. Guys -- it has a hard tip that is slightly bent. It sole purpose in life is to get the stuff out of the bottom of a jar or...ICING BOTTLE?! Genius idea, if you ask me. Which you didn't. But you should have.
7. Condiment cars. They even come with a little spreader. You need these.
8. Another oddly shaped spatula. 

I also bought you some barbecue flavored Cheetos. But I ate them. I needed the space on the shelf. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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