Cookies and Cards? For Mother's Day?

Okay, so remember how I made those one cookies that looked like the card that my crazy-talented-paper-card making cousin Pam made? And I told you that I'm just going to keep on doing that? I was totally telling the truth. And I'm back with another one. Except these aren't Easter cookies. I mean, I guess you could make them for Easter if you wanted to...but I think you should make them for Mother's Day. And what I say goes.

This is the card I used for inspiration. And I really, truly meant to make it just like this.


But then something happened and apparently my brain locked itself in the bathroom and started eating ice cream because I don't really know what happened. I mean, there I was-- rolling out cookie dough and then...hours had passed and I found myself staring at these little gems.

Seriously though...I think you really can make these cookies without a brain. They are SO easy. And SO fun. And actually, they are a super great cookie to let your kids help you make. Especially if you are a dad and you are planning on making these cookies for the mother of those children. Or your own mother. Or someone else's mother. Even if you wanted to make these to eat all by yourself while you are watching a video documentary on the life of William Shatner at 2 in the could still let your kids help make them.

The first thing you have to do is flood the cookie. I didn't take a picture of that. But you still have to do it. I made exactly 12 of these cookies. And it took me exactly 4 minutes to flood them. So if you do the math, it comes out to about...not very long at all for each one. They weren't perfect, but it just didn't matter because I was going to cover it all up. So flood the cookie and let it dry.

1. Pick 2-3 different colors and mix them with a little water. I used regal purple and royal blue.
2. Pour a little of each onto a plate. And then -- here is the technical part -- you are going to crumple a paper towel.  It's a little tricky the first time. But don't give up, just keep at it.
3. Dip it in one color and then "stamp" the edge of the plate with it a few times to get most of the food color off of the paper towel. (First we put it on, then we take it off...what kind of madness is this?!)
4. Stamp it all over the cookie. Repeat with the other color. Go back and forth until you are satisfied with your pattern and depth of color. You should probably put your cookie on wax paper. And maybe wear gloves. (I know, do as I say, not as I do.)
5. After the second or third time, you can just use the color on the side of the plate to re-load your paper towel.
6. If you (or those adorable children who are so very excited to FINALLY be helping you make cookies) get too much color on the cookies, grab a dry paper towel and gently blot the excess color off the cookie. Let the cookie dry for an hour before adding a border.

My flowers are cut from fondant. You could do that too. Or make some RI transfers. Or buy some. Or pipe some right on the cookie. Or ignore flowers all together and fill that space with nothing but love.

I was nervous that these wouldn't be fancy enough. So I sought the advice of an expert in fancy-ifying cookies. And Anita said, "...if I were to add something I'm always big into an edge of non-pareils or sanding sugar (both white) because of the look plus the crunch. The flower I'd leave alone but I might use a sugar pearl for the center..." So that is what you should do in the event that the mother figure in your life has moved past the wilted dandelions in a paper cup phase of her life. 

And don't forget that my cousin Pam has made one of MY cookies into a card! (It's like Christmas. I can't wait to see which cookie she chose!)

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