May the THIRD be with you...

Gah. That didn't come out right at all. I was going to wait until tomorrow to post these. Well, I was going to wait until midnight at least, so that it would technically be tomorrow. But my son saw me "making jokes" on the computer with "Lego boys" and he asked me all super-nice and polite if I would just put them on my blog right now so he could read them all at once. And I'm basically helpless against super-nice and polite.

What? You want to fill the bathtub with ice cream and then eat your way out? Be my guest!

You need someone to read to you all night long because one time 9 months ago someone told you a scary story? Sure!

It's important to you that this super-slimy-muddy-half-creature-half-bug-from-a-bad-70's-horror-movie-thing moves into your bedroom and we call him Frank? Go right ah--, actually, that's probably where I'm going to draw the line.

By the way -- he has never seen Star Wars. He has only seen Star Wars cookies. These Star Wars cookies, in fact. So far today, he has learned who Leia is...and that she is mad at the guy with the cat. He told me that "The black guy is a Breather. He just breathes. That's all." And he doesn't understand why they aren't wearing their swimming suits if they are at the beach.

I had to do a bit of internet and DVD viewing research for these cookies. And, in the middle of all that, I happily stumbled across some little-known behind the scenes footage...

Vader Gets Ditched

Apparently...the whole "I'm going to kill everyone in the universe with my fingers and light saber because I want everything to be exactly the way I desire it" thing got a little old.

Hans Solo Gets Caught Flirting With A Girl From Catering

 Don't worry. I'm sure they will work it out. 

Luke Isn't Buying It

(Honestly...I just needed a reason to make a little Annakin Lego guy. Is he not ADORABLE?!!)

Happy Star Wars Day tomorrow...or whenever you celebrate it in your part of the world! And remember to check back next year to see Yoda playing rugby. 

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