Ducks, Chicks, and Sheep. (No Bunnies)

Easter chicks, sheep, and ducks -- chocolate sugar cookies

I'm not a good holiday understander-er. I don't really get why its okay for strangers give my children candy in little buckets while they wander around the neighborhood in the dark on Halloween. How did THAT happen? I mean, I have done AT LEAST 20 minutes of research on that holiday, and I still can't figure it out.

Or what about having an entire day dedicated to watching magic wildlife look at itself or its shadow or whatever it does and then decide if it would like to single-handedly change the seasons. OR a holiday where you are basically expected to put kool-aid in the shower head and serve your family dinner that's really a dessert, but it looks like dinner just to celebrate the fact that once again the first day of April came after the last day in March. Oh, and I think that if you are still single, you have pretend to be engaged for at least a day. It might be a rule. You should check.

And....obviously... Easter. Have you seen the Easter decorations at the store? I don't get it. And there's a lot to not get. We've got an anthromorphic rabbit that gives out candy and eggs. Candy. And. Eggs. Where is all this supposed to be coming from? Is he magic? Does he have robots? Is there a giant chicken farm somewhere in middle America? Is that what Kansas is hiding? Also, you know how you are not supposed to play with your food? That doesn't apply at Easter time. We dye and paint and scratch and color and modge-podge and glitter all sorts of different designs onto an otherwise ordinary breakfast and baking item. And baby animals? Who was in charge of choosing which animal babies got to come to the Easter party? The Easter Bunny? That's a clear case of nepotism if I've ever seen one.


I'm just bitter because I wanted to make little baby animal faces for Easter and I can't make a bunny cookie if my life depended on it. I know because I've tried. A lot of times. And they all ended with me eating ice cream in my closet, telling myself it just doesn't matter that I'm incapable of contributing in sugar form to the over-commercialization of the Easter holiday.

Anyone want to forget about bunnies and make cutesy sheep with me?

First...make some cutesy little sheep ears. Let them dry for 3-4 hours or overnight. Probably overnight would be best. Then you won't have to be too careful. And I don't know about you, but I am really good at not being too careful.

Then do this stuff.
1.  Pipe a cutesy circle-ish shape just below the center of the cookie.
2-4. Add a bunch of cutesy dots. Let them dry. Repeat. (I used some thick icing to avoid as many craters as possible. About 18-20 count.)
5. Pipe or draw a cutesy face.
6. Add your cutesy ears. Use a small dot of icing on the back of the ears to adhere them to the cookie.

Decorated chocolate sugar cookies for Easter

In case you are wondering -- I did the ears as a royal icing transfer because when you pipe over an un-even surface, it runs into the cracks and crevices and messes up your nice neat lines. And that bugs me. (But, I mean...that's totally cool if your cookies look like that though. I don't mind. I just bug myself. It's another secret talent of mine.)


Grab the cutter HERE. I used the 3" cutter from that set, but you can choose any size!

Check out my tutorial for THE cutest bunny cookies ever HERE. 


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