Ombre Snowmen

Do you ever have those days where NOTHING seems to go right? -- Your garbage bag breaks while you are taking it out and the garbage juice gets all over the kitchen floor and worse...leaves a trail on the carpet to the door because you are running late for work and didn't notice the rip until you got to the sidewalk but you couldn't possibly hold off emptying it until later because it's already kind of (a lot) overflowing. The shirt you need is in the dryer and you forgot to turn it on. Someone asks you if you are pregnant. (You're not.) Your shoe breaks. Your water bottle tips over. You run out of gas. Dinner starts on fire. Your children go to bed with toothpaste in their hair. And then, at the very end of the day, you realize ANOTHER DAY IS COMING. And then a meteor hits your house and the roof caves in.  -- Me too (except the meteor part.)

Let me ask you another question. Do you ever NOT have those days?

Yeah, me either

My misfortunes are probably a result of bad karma for secretly judging the guy who has a rooster living in the back of his pick-up truck in the parking lot. You all probably don't have the same excuse. (But if you do, you BETTER be telling me. ) 

So when you are waiting for sleep in the darkness and the doubt monster comes...let me just say -- You are not that slow. You are not really incapable. Not everyone is judging you. It's not even possible to gain 10 pounds just by watching a cooking show. Your cookies are beautiful. And in the words of my favorite new email friend --

 Share the love.

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