Stacked Snowman

I have been wanting to make these snowmen ever since I saw an overhead view of a snowman somewhere on the internet while doing "research."

Seriously, if you don't have a blog, you should get one. Because then you can totally justify spending hours looking at glitter balloons and discovering 37 ways to do your hair with a headband and trying to find the best price on beautiful glass jars for your pantry (you know, because this year you are for-real-I'm-not-kidding-this-time going to clean that thing up and organize it and keep it that way.)

You know what I love about these cookies? They are E.A.S.Y. You just cut them out and ice them up. Cut and ice. The hardest part is making the circles stay circles. I used my graduated circle cutters, but you could use anything at all. Before I got these cutters, I used to use the lids off my spice jars for circles. They come in all sorts of sizes. (And don't you be bothered by the weird cracks in these cookies. I messed up my first picture and had to retake it. Which means I had to re-bake some cookies. And all I had left was the weirdy cookie dough that I was about to throw away.)

Ice the cookies in white. Sometimes, when I am lazy or not paying attention, I ice all the way to the edge and almost over, and then I run a toothpick along the edge to scrape off the stray icing. That way the entire cookie gets piped and its not lopsided. At least its mostly not lopsided. (Someone please invent a way to make perfect circles every time.)

Let them dry overnight. Then add a face on the smallest circle. Try to do a cute one, because if you make a scary one then you will probably have to eat it. And eating heads is a little weird.

Use thick icing to stick these guys together. But don't use too much because you don't want it to squish out. You can choose to either center the cookies on top of each other, or line them up against the back. I think I like the ones that are lined up against the back. They seem less...squatty somehow. 

Arms. This is the point where I changed my mind. I was going to use icing. But I got tired and didn't want to make any. I was tuckered out from all that research. (You know how it is.)  So I used a brown food marker instead. AND THEN... I got this great idea.

I should have been using food markers the whole time.

If you use a knife to spread the white icing on these guys, you wouldn't have to pipe a thing. Then you could use the time you would have spent filling icing bags/bottles to do some more research.

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