I made a cake.

I know its hard to believe that I have a life outside of cookies. I totally do though.

I also make cakes. 


I used to make cakes a lot. And I used to post them here a lot. In fact, when I started this blog...I only made cakes. Cakes are a lot harder to give away to your neighbors or send with your husband to work though. And then I moved to South Korea. And now I am the proud owner of the smallest oven in the history of ever. Except that, I actually don't even own the oven. It just came with the apartment I am renting. So, I guess that makes me the proud renter of the smallest oven in the history of ever.  So now, I mostly make cookies. Except that there was this one event in my husband's life for which he recently desired a cake. A big ol' cake, actually. And he said that if I loved him, I would make him a cake. And if I REALLY loved him, I would put it on my blog.

So I said yes. You know, because I aim to please and all that. Can't say no. Except that, I actually can. For some reason, I got really good at it this year. So, you know, I can now cross that New Year's Resolution off my list from 1997.  And before you ask...here's my method for everyone else out there that feels overwhelmed because they can't tell people "no" even when they have three children and are working full time and their mother is sick and they have to paint the entire set for "Oklahoma!" by 3pm today -- RUN AWAY. Seriously, just shout "no" over your shoulder while heading the other direction. Works like a charm. They never have a chance to guilt you in to changing your mind. And then stop answering your phone and logging on to facebook for like 3 weeks, and you will have successfully dodged that bullet.

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