Candy Canes

Okay, so a few days ago, I had the BEST dream. You know the kind of dream where you wake up and immediately you try to go back to sleep so you can have it again, except it never works that way and if you try to force it, weird things end up happening in your next dream and they totally negate the goodness of the first dream? Yeah, it was that kind of dream.

In my dream, I was funny. Like, really funny. Seriously, I was SO FUNNY that even super famous and attractive movie star type people wanted to hang out with me. (For the record, I don't usually dream about super famous and attractive movie star type people. So...that means I was really funny.) And in my dream it was the best day because everyone liked me and wanted to make me happy. And for some reason we were playing reindeer games, and...well, to be honest, things got kind of weird after that. And when I woke up, I had this un-explained NEED to make candy cane cookies. With sugar on them. So I did.

But I felt kind of weird about making just candy cane cookies. So I made some other cookies too. (Hmmm. I wonder what it is inside a person that makes them feel weird about making only candy cane cookies, but doesn't make them feel weird about sharing super odd dreams.)  



Find the cutter here.

Silver Bell cookies tutorial here.

Stocking cookies tutorial here.


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