More Leaves...this time with dots

When I was a little girl (way back before I was even in my twenties,) I really wanted cool roller skates. Okay, let's just get this out there right at the beginning -- roller blades hadn't been invented yet. Go ahead and let that sink in, all you people that are much younger than me.

Anyway, there was this girl I knew that had purple and pink and silver sparkly roller skates. They were the kind that fit your feet. You take your shoes off, and put those skates on and lace them up so perfectly and they molded to your foot and ankle so that you could be the best little roller skater girl in the entire world. EVEN THE LACES WERE SPARKLY. I wanted them. I practically needed them. My parents instead got me some weirdy metal skates that you strap to the bottom of your shoes. And they adjust to all sorts of sizes with a wing-nut that doesn't always stay tight. (Much like the skates my son now owns....ahhh, the irony. Except his are totally cool.) As it turns out...they worked EXACTLY same as the sparkly skates. Who would have known?!

I loved roller skating. I would skate around my neighborhood forever. And then my favorite part was when I took my skates off and sat in a chair, my legs would be all wobbly and kind of buzzing from the uneven pavement and it would feel like I was still skating and I'd kind of have a hard time walking normal for another hour. Umm, I don't exactly know why I liked that. It would totally drive me crazy right now. But my point is that these cookies are like that. Not in a weirdy-metal-wing-nut way. But after making these cookies, I tried to go to sleep. And I felt like I was still putting little dots all over these leaves for hours. And it totally drove me crazy. But at least some of the dots were sparkly. So that probably makes me the best little dot putter-onner in the whole world.


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