Witch Hats and Cauldrons

So...my 4 year old just put a sign on his sister that said, "She is NOT for sale." I thought that was real sweet of him to look after his sister and all. And then she ran over his foot with her little push car. And he changed the sign to say, "She is for sale." He told my husband about this new development and my husband said, "Well, I'd buy her." So my little boy again changed the sign. This time it read, "She is for sale for someone else." You know, just to clear things up. And then he proceeded to sell me my husband for a dollar.

So, basically what I'm saying here is that if I ever sell cookies...I'm not going to make him my front man. But someone else is going to have to tell him. I can't handle the sad face.

Sometimes MOST times, cookies don't turn out quite like I expected. These cookies are a rare exception. The cauldrons are a black cookie to begin with and since they are flat...ha ha ha...I was about to say that I think it makes the bubbles pop. And then I realized how ridiculous that sounds. Let's just say...I kind of like these cookies and we'll call it a day. How's that sound?


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