Fall Leaf Cookies

I used to love playing in the leaves when I was a kid. My parents had some big trees. And those trees pretty much produced enough leaves for the entire neighborhood. Not that I shared. (Come on. I was a kid. The biggest pile of leaves wins. I wanted to win.)

My brothers and I would rake for hours. HOURS I tell you. That's like 4 years to a kid. My mom always told me that if we wanted to rake the leaves into big piles, we had to rake ALL the leaves. Not just some of them. (How do parents get to be so smart anyway?) And then after we jumped in them and hid in them and threw them at each other, we would build houses out of them. Seriously, I TOLD you we had a ton of leaves. And then my mom would come out and we knew that would be the end of it all. And we would pretend to be sad, but honestly, we already had leaves stuck in places we didn't want to mention and they kind of smelled bad and its not really very fun to hide in a big pile of slightly wet leaves while your brothers pretend like they can't find you. For a super long time. And then they all jump on you like they didn't know you were there.... So, yeah, not too sad to see my mom in the doorway.

Anyway....I haven't actually lived anywhere that has trees with leaves that fall off in the fall since I moved away from home. It makes me wonder what this world is coming to. My poor children. I feel so bad that they will never smell like moldy leaves. So I make them fall leaf cookies instead. And I let them help me. Because these cookies are so fun and so easy to make.

And they make me happy inside when I look at them. And I think that maybe eating them makes my children happy inside. And that's what I'm all about. Happy insides.

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