Warrant Officer Cake

I'm probably only going to say this once. (today)

My GOODNESS -- look how cool this cake is!

And I can say that, even though I made it, because its all buttercream. (Except the little congratulations banner at the bottom...but let's not be so picky, shall we?) And buttercream and I aren't exactly best-friends-forever-sleep-over-at-each-others'-houses-on-the-weekend type of friends. We are more like people-that- have-a-mutual-friend-and-we-would-only-be-friends-with-each-other-if-that-mutual-friend-was-dying-and-needed-us-desperately-to-team-up-and-steal-the-top-secret-antidote-to-stay-alive kind of friends. So, you know, this cake is basically never going to happen again.

Oh, and in case you are wondering...this is a giant replica of a warrant officer insignia in the US army. And in case you are still wondering...insignia means badge or distinguishing mark. And in case that didn't clear things up either... "The Army Warrant Officer is an adaptive technical expert, combat leader, trainer, and advisor."

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