Make Your Own Adorable Chickies

I am officially declaring the fuzzy chicky to be my favorite. And I will show you how I made them. But don't worry if its not your favorite. You can adapt these steps to every single one of the chicky cookies. And if you can't figure out how to adapt it...just tell me. I'll help you out. Because I have no life.

Let me first just say that I do a lot of wet-on-wet cookies. BECAUSE I AM A NON-WAITER. I have no patience. I want instant gratification. I am sure these cookies would be just as cute if you did the chicks first and filled in a background later. Or if you did them on top of an already dry background. Hmmm....maybe I'll have to try those later....

Also, I use one consistency of icing. Its right down the line between outlining thick and flood icing thick. I go for a count of 12, if you know what I mean. But can do these however you want to.

Okay, so start out with a cookie shape of your choice. I love squares, but these would be just as cute on circles or egg shapes know...any other shape. Outline the edges, and roughly outline where you want your chicky to go.  If you are doing this with 2 thicknesses of icing, do the outer edge with outline thick icing and the roughed out chicky part with flood consistency icing.

Immediately fill in the background color.

Grab the yellow and make wavy line circles for the head and the body. Make shallow wavy lines for a softer looking chicky and deeper waves for that "fresh out of the dryer" look.

Quickly fill in the yellow. All of this should take about 30 seconds. Or so. No pressure here if you're not exactly "quick" at the whole cookie decorating thing. Just don't take a break and read the newspaper in the middle of it all.

Dip a toothpick in some orange icing and draw on some little legs. Or longer legs if that's what you want. Dip the toothpick in the orange before each line. Dip a different toothpick in some black icing and make two tiny dots for eyes. (I like to put the eyes just lower than the center of the head.) Then using the orange toothpick again, make a tiny "v" shape for the beak.

Done and done. 

Wait -- I forgot to tell you about the cheeks. Pink luster dust on a dry cookie would be ideal. I don't have that. So I mix a tiny bit of pink food coloring with a bit of water. I dip a food paintbrush into it and dab it off on a paper towel. Then I lightly paint little pink cheeks. Easy peasy.


You can get a cutter made just for these adorable chickies HERE.  

Add some EASY SPECKLED EGGS to the mix! 


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