Chicky Cookies

I wanted to make some little chicky cookies for Easter. I thought about them for a long time. And then I thought a lot about how little chickens are actually kind of gross and not cute at all. And they make an awful noise. But chicky cookies are WAY better than that. And I thought about so many different kind of chicky cookies, that I just couldn't narrow it down to ONE design. I couldn't do it. I couldn't choose ONE and throw all the other adorable faces out the literal window to fend for themselves in the barely-still-winter-and-not-yet-spring cold. Nope. Couldn't do it.

So I made them all. Even the weirdy ones. (You'll see.)

I made these fuzzy little things. And almost stopped right there. 

But then these guys would have been so sad. And no one wants to see a sad Easter chicky. (I can't decide if I like the outlined chicky or the non-outlined one better.)

These are my shell guys.

My husband calls these the House of Mirror chickies. Except, he obviously doesn't use the word "chicky." Because he's a man. And he doesn't use "cute" words. He uses words like "circular saw" and "pushups." (I told you I made "weirdy" ones.)

And I had to make a little lady just to round things out a bit.

And after all was said and done...I ended up with a favorite. And I won't tell you which one. But I will tell you this -- If you come back later ... tomorrow...  umm, sometime in the near future, I will not only tell you which one it is....I will show you how to make it yourself. 

Which one is YOUR favorite?

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