quality control

Since I started making sketches before I do a new cookie or cake design, I have had the help of a very short and adorable task master. My 3 year old LOVES to hold the sketch. Even when I ask him not to. He likes to see the picture come to life in sugar form. But even more, he likes to tell me what to do next and he likes to tell me where to put things.

I made a cake this morning to match an invitation. It wasn't an exact replica. And I was properly chastised for it. But in a loving way that only a 3 year old can manage. The kind where you just want to hug them and giggle inside when they are done. (You have to giggle INSIDE because you wouldn't ever want to make them sad.)

After a little bit of negotiating on the location of the stars, I believe we have a finished product that he approves of. And let me just say, that since he's not allowed to actually touch the cake, or even get too close to it, the negotiating gets a little frustrating sometimes. "No, looks like you should move it closer to the thing...No, not that thing. The other thing......Umm, can I have a taste?.....But I want a taste....Wait!! That star is too close. You better change it." ...Uhh, I might not be making sketches in the future.

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